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Marc F. Goyette

Team Member Name

Executive Vice President


Marc F. Goyette

Marc Goyette attended California State University Long Beach, and is a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, where he served onboard the USS Ronald Reagan as a Reactor Operator in the United States Navy.

Marc moved to the Coachella Valley in 2006 to pursue a career in residential land development. Employed as a Project Manager with a local home builder, Marc successfully negotiated contract agreements in excess of $50 million and managed the development of over 300 new homes.

In late 2010, Marc paired up with mentor and experienced broker Matthew V. Johnson, specializing in Industrial subtypes. Marc has earned numerous awards for his activity in the marketplace, while successfully negotiating transactions in excess of $100 million during his time with Mr. Johnson. On average, Marc has completed 60+ annual transactions, which puts him in touch with the current market conditions, and has allowed for excellent client representation.

Marc currently serves as Vice President of Johnson Commercial Real Estate, and assists Mr. Johnson in the day to day operations, while managing the company’s marketing efforts.

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